Client Forms

Business Mileage Worksheet
This worksheet is required to determine how many miles you can deduct on your tax return.

Change of Address Form
This form needs to be filled out if you are needing your address changed on your tax return.

Consent for Disclosure Pick Up Only
If you are needing to have another party pick up your tax return for you, we will need you to fill this form out for us to keep with your records.

Document Questionnaire
To ensure that everything is being accurately recorded on your tax return, please fill out this form and bring it to our office with the rest of your tax documentation.

Engagement Letter
This is our terms and agreements for our services that we provide.

New Client Packet
If you are new to R & J Salina Tax Service, Inc, here is a packet of all the forms you will need to fill out and bring to your tax appointment.

Schedule C Due Diligence
If you are Self-Employed, please fill out this form and include it with your tax documentation to be able to complete your tax return.

Tax Appointment Checklist
Have an appointment and not sure what to bring? Here is a list of what you could need to bring with you.

Sample Templates for EITC and Child Tax Credit Documentation:

For the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, the client is required to provide proof of your dependents living with you. Here are templates the Internal Revenue Service has provided for the layout of letters written by Child Care Providers, Healthcare Providers, and/or Schools.